Functions of Education

Unit 1 Module 2 - Social Institutions, Family, Religion & Education

Functions of Education – Theoretical Perspectives Summarized

Education Functionalist Perspective :

•    Promotes social order in society (Durkheim)
•    Allows for effective role allocation (Davis and Moore)
•    Foster the collective conscience, thorough the transmission of norms, morals and values. (Parsons)
•    Creates a skilled labour force (Durkheim)

Marxist Perspective:
Bowles and Gintis
•    Mechanism of social control
•    Creates labourers for the capitalist system
•    Socializes individuals into the status quo – justifying the un-equal class divisions.
•    Allows for alienation of students, which is later translated into alienation in the work place.

Interactionist Pespective:
Hargreaves, Cicourel, Lacey , Kituse & Becker
•    Allows for labelling of students – eg. Good bad, smart, dull.
•    Streaming for the labour force.
•    Influenced life chances, in terms of opportunities for monetary and non-monetary vocations.