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Cape Sociology StudentThis website originated out of the need for students to gain deeper understanding of cape sociology, without being daunted by the seemingly insurmountable loads of theories and theorists. We trust that with this interactive tool, students and teachers alike would benefit, by sharing tips on answering questions as well as making it easier for students to understand cape sociology.


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Foreword by Dr. Nasser Mustapha

For the past ten years Caribbean students have been doing CAPE Sociology. One of the complaints received from both teachers and students was the lack of resources.

This website will go a long way towards filling this need because it is interactive and Caribbean based, it will enable ALL CAPE students and sociologists generally to share ideas questions and learning materials.

I wish to sincerely thank the web developer(s) for this great initiative and wish them well in all their future undertakings.

Nasser Mustapha, PhD, Sociology, UWI, is currently a senior lecturer in sociology and head of the behavioral sciences department at the UWI St. Augustine campus.

Featured Theorist


 M.G Smith


In this section, Cape Sociology.org will attempt to provide biographical information, as well as the theoretical contribution of the featured theorist.   

This may prove to be a vital tool for students of sociology since it may provide further incite into the personhood of the theorist and aid the student in better understanding the theoretical worldview of the sociologist.

Objective of CAPE Sociology

Objective of CAPE Sociology – “The CAPE Sociology Syllabus aims to provide students with the necessary skills for an understanding of the structures, organisation and development of societies, particularly those in the Caribbean. It introduces them to the knowledge of the theories and basic research methods of Sociology, the sociological perspective, and the processes of social structural change with specific emphasis on the development and modernization of societies.”

Sociology Basics

Sociology as a discipline is comprised of various ‘theories’ or ‘schools of thought’ otherwise known as ‘perspectives’. The key to gaining a comprehensive understanding into sociological incite is understanding the underlying principles of the different sociological theories. Students who understand the key elements of each theory and the strengths and weaknesses of them, is better able to use his/her knowledge and accurately apply it to any sociological question. This process is known as analysis!

Origin of Sociology

It is imperative that students understand the origins of sociology. The origins of sociology explain in part the rationale behind the major ‘modernist’ sociological perspectives; which includes: Fuctionalism Marxism and Interactionism.