Note to Parents

Capesociology was designed by an experienced CAPE Sociology teacher, who have taught CAPE Sociology since 2003.
Over the years, I have taught over 200 students all from differing backgrounds and intellectual abilities.
Overall I’ve had a successful track record of 100% passes for the past 10 years, with scores of students obtaining grades in the higher percentile range 1-3. Good students become their best and weaker students become good.

This is simply to say that the material that I’ve put online is a combination of years of teaching notes and best practices that have helped my students to pass CAPE Sociology.

The Visual summaries, multiple choice tests and revision exercises as well as the audio tutorials are original content types I’ve formulated and used over the years.

Your child will gain via the use of this website, to learn, study, and get explanations and practice in essay writing and multiple choice test taking, with the content available at

I am constantly, doing research and adding relevant content that would help the CAPE Sociology students.
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