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Guidelines for submission of Essay

FREE feature :
Users can write essays by using questions from The Question Bank (Unit 1 Essay Questions or Unit 2 Essay Questions) or any Past Paper question relevant to the CAPE syllabus to submit for correction.
The best essay will be published on the website (highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the essay) and the writer acknowledged.
All Essays will be corrected by our Soctutor.

The submitted essay must contain the following information:
- Name ( for non-registered users) or User name (for existing Capesociology users)
- Unit number and Module
- Year (of past paper from which question is taken)
- Question

All writing must be in Standard English and Full paragraphs.
When the user submits an essay for correction to, the user agrees that his/her essay can be published. A notice will be forwarded to your inbox, indicating receipt of your essay.
Therein after the user will be informed of the final score received upon completion of the correction exercise. Remember we are working together with you!


Year of past paper from which the question was taken.
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