Origins of Caribbean Sociology

Unit 1 Module 1 - Sociology, Culture & Identity

Origins of Caribbean Sociology

An Overview

Caribbean Sociology is said to have entered its first and golden age during the period of the 1950's - 1970's. Where a group of Caribbean intellectuals such as MG Smith, Edith Clarke, George Roberts, Leo Depres, RT Smith, Lloyd Brawaithe and Orlando Patterson all conducted extensive and intensive research on various aspects of Caribbean life, culture, practices and territories. With the aim of understanding the indigenous Caribbean cultures as well developing an indigenized sociological discourse for and by Caribbean people.

Today, Caribbean sociology has become more robust and there have been a burgeoning of works from the likes of contemporary minds such as Christine Barrows, Rhoda Reddok, Nasser Mustapha, Susan Craig, Rex Nettleford, Bill Riviere, Henry Paget, Elsa Goveia, Derek Gordon, Geroge Beckford, Angel Quintero Rivera et al...

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